Computational Textiles, Inc is a small, private company founded in 2015 to create textile visualization and manufacturing software. The company emerged from NSF sponsored research into advanced simulation tools for textile design. Early interest from industry partners, the presence of technical and design research consultants, and a perceived gap in the market provided an opportune time to transition research to commercial application. In 2017 Computational Textiles, Inc was awarded an NSF IIS SBIR Phase I grant as well as matching funds from Rhode Island STAC.

Computational Textiles, Inc’s first product, Weft is a web application and manufacturing process that enables anyone to transform design ideas into intricately patterned woven cloth, one yard or 100 yards at once, and is the first software platform of its kind. It brings the capability for customization, which has rapidly become an essential part of the market for printed textiles, to a new higher-value segment for professional applications.

Future projects involve advanced 3D rendering tools and access to a unique textile manufacturing platform. For more information, please contact


Introducing Weft, a new way of creating, discovering and purchasing high-quality woven fabrics.

Weft is the first digital platform to allow designers easy access to textile manufacturing.

Translate your artwork into woven fabric within weeks and discover our collection of original textiles.

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Our Team

Brooks Hagan


Brooks is a professor and designer who is currently researching 3D weaving technology.

Steve Marschner

Co-Founder—Chief Technology Officer

Steve is a professor and computer graphics researcher who likes to compute realistic images of all kinds of stuff.

Bill Foulkes

Chief Operating Officer

Bill is a strategic planning and marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and faculty member at RISD.

Catherine Duffy

Graphic Designer

Catherine designs identities, visualizes narratives, and sweats the small stuff.

Jerel Johnson


Jerel believes in the power of both story and logic made manifest in the design of our tools.

Nick Penney

Lead Developer

Nick is a developer and artist living in Seattle, WA, who enjoys good food, rollerblading, and moderate-length walks on the beach.

Shuang Zhao


Shuang is a professor and computer graphics researcher. His research aims to computationally reproduce the appearance of the real world using physically based models.